Jolly Phonics Resources

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Introduces all the letter sounds (not just the 26 alphabet letters), with an action, song, and story line for each of the 42 sounds of English

Typically used for a full year in both preschool and kindergarten

Very suitable for parents to use when home schooling or just teaching their kids to read and write

Jolly Phonics is an enjoyable, multi-sensory way to teach anyone how to crack the code of English and be able to successfully read and write for meaning.

Jolly Phonics easily and quickly engages the imagination of young minds, leading to quick and productive learning. Letter sounds, blending & segmenting, identifying sounds in words, learning correct letter formation, and “tricky words” (words that cannot be sounded out using Jolly Phonics sounds) – are the 5 key components of the program.

Enables early learners to become successful readers and writers

Can be used alone or in conjunction with other literacy programs already in place

Jolly Phonics meets all standards set by No Child Left Behind, Reading First, and Response to Intervention (RTI).